In the Defense field Mipha is connected with most of the companies which appear in the Israel Defense Sales Directory published by the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

The company is authorized to represent and market defense products which are licensed for export, with the coordination and agreement of the manufacturer.

Mipha has exclusive agreements with a number of companies to promote their products. It represents them as consultants and/or identifies a company through which the products can be marketed to the Security Forces, Air Force, Navy or Army overseas.

Among the systems exported to NATO members, and additional countries are the following:

    • Perimeter intrusion detection systems for securing military camps, ammunition depots, airports, seaports, pipelines and other sensitive sites.
    • Electronic Warfare Systems for aircraft, tranport aircraft and helicopters.
    • Avionics for aircraft, transport aircraft and helicopters.
    • Targeting and navigation systems.
    • Simulators for the Air Force, the Navy and the Army.
    • Overhaul for the F-100 engines.
  • RCWS - Remote Control Weapon System.
  • EJAB -Electronic Jammer Against Bombs.
  • Night Vision systems.
  • UAV - Unmanned Air Vehicle.

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