gaderMipha International Ltd has vast experience in consulting, planning, and implementing of integrated Homeland Security systems for: Airports & Seaports, City Centers, Pipelines, International Borders, Customs, Police and Governmental Security Agencies.

Mipha's experts offer three main levels of Security Consultation:

  • Strategic level - Planning (Reaching security goals)
  • Tactical level - Implementation (Maneuverability in reaching goals)
  • Operational level - Standard operating regulations (routine work)

Security & Consulting Services

hls1General Consulting, Risk-analysis, Threat Assessment, Planning and Performance

  • Strategic, tactical and operational planning and performance.
  • Overall practical security planning.
  • Assessment of situations, threat-assessment and risks analysis.
  • Conducting security surveys, pinpointing security needs and recommending security measures.

Targeted Security: First to identify probable threats, analyze risk factors and focus on high priority threats or vulnerabilities. This approach enables to maximize effectiveness, minimize costs, and establish a turn-key project.

Professional Teamwork: Our team is capable of responding to any security need. The specific nature of each project dictates the assignment of the team. We employ experts in the field of security, engineering, systems analysis, computer engineering and other.

Expert Staff Members: Mipha's main asset is its staff. Our staff is led by highly qualified professionals, who have served in the Israeli Security Forces, where they acquired their expertise. They are widely experienced in their disciplines and highly motivated. The personnel is consistently monitored to ensure maintaining high standards.

State-of-the-art Technologies: Mipha commits resources to ongoing research and development of new technologies and working methods. It keeps ahead of sophisticated, advanced equipment and techniques, and up-to-date developments.

Long-term Monitoring: We design security plans and programs to maintain their long-term validity. Periodically scheduled security tests and drills are performed to keep security systems up-to-date. Changes in risk environment are monitored, and new technological solutions are applied as required.


hls1Mipha offers the most advanced integrated systems for improved security of airports, seaports, pipelines, city centers and other sensitive and strategic sites. Our consulting and marketing services include:

  • Security upgrading of current airports, seaports, borders, city centers and other sensitive sites.
  • Installing advanced, user-friendly and cost effective perimeter security systems, such as:

Computerized electronic or underground perimeter protection with high resolution detection and very low false alarm rate.

  • Electro-optical surveillance systems.
  • Central control and monitoring systems.
  • Voice analysis of suspected passengers
  • Biometric identification - Face and vein recognition.
  • Powerful video recording/scalable digital recording solutions.
  • Abandoned luggage detection solutions.
  • Cargo and Luggage inspection
  • X-Ray and magnetic systems, decompression chambers.
  • Document verification & authentication.

Secured & Safe City

hls1Nowadays, security and civilian safety have become of great concern to municipal authorities.

Criminality, vandalism and terrorism – all require state-of-the-art solutions that enable the security forces to monitor and prevent such events, ensure public safety and assist in the investigation process, when such events occur.

City safety has become a complicated mission. The many departments that are in charge of safety and security, the need for coordination and surveillance, all require secured and reliable solutions.

Our experts can perform comprehensive surveys, pointing out the weak points and potential risks.

We can offer ways and technologies to allow coordination between the different departments in charge: Police, medical units, fire brigade, hospitals, municipal authorities etc.

We offer state-of-the-art solutions of CCTV surveillance, combined with LPR systems, high video analytic solutions to allow surveillance and monitoring of various crimes in city centers or any sensitive area.

Airport & Seaport Security

  • hls1We offer numerous systems to detect potential suspected passengers by analysis of the passengers' voice and suspected intent detection.
  • We offer screening methods for passengers, travel documents authentication and cargo screening.
  • We offer various technologies – overt and covert – to prevent penetration attempts from the outside.
  • Terminal surveillance to detect suspicious behavior, abandoned parcels/luggage etc.
  • Assignment of the right security staff and technologies deployment.
  • Training of security staff in coping with terror attacks on innocent crowds or detection of terrorists in terminals or in the vicinity of airplanes.
  • Airplanes/ ships - protection on the ground or while anchoring, with or without passengers on board

Commercial Flight Security

  • hls1Security inspection – passengers & luggage.
  • Security whilst airborne.
  • Prevention of hijacking.
  • Operational behavior of crew during a flight.




Security of Installations, pipelines, Banks, Hotels, Casinos and Malls

  • pipePhysical protection
  • Information systems
  • Training and Instructing security personnel
  • Integrated security planning.
  • Protection of installations and office buildings against: Violent /unlawful penetration, Theft of office assets, Anti-fraud technologies
  • Data & Magnetic media protection.
  • Installing of physical means of deterrence.
  • Eavesdropping counter-measures.
  • Secured & Safe City -In the era of growing terror and criminal violence, we offer state-of-the-art technologies to monitor and protect city centers.
  • We offer intelligent IP surveillance and security solutions.

Security of Information Systems

  • hls1Security survey (Threat Assessment & Risk Analysis) for information systems.
  • Security of information systems.
  • Protection of Magnetic Media in offices, installations and private enterprises. Encryption of data storage.
  • Performance checks for the detection of internal eavesdropping and wiretapping of communication lines.
  • Telephony security & encryption.



Security Technologies

  • hls1Perimeter security systems
  • Computerized C.C.T.V Systems
  • Central monitoring systems
  • Top-of-the-line safety inspection systems
  • Aerial observation systems – UAV & aerostat systems.
  • Biometric security systems – face and vein recognition.

VIP Protection

  • VIP Protection in vehicles or on foot both in public & private environments.
  • Instructing and training security personnel.
  • Low-power jamming systems that can be installed in VIP vehicles, near podiums, in VIP public appearances etc. to jam radio controlled bomb devices.

Training & Courses

We conduct extrensive courses, advanced courses and special training for almost every category:

  • Courses for security personnel and selectors in airports & seaports.
  • Courses for security officers in airports & seaports.
  • Training of security personnel for protection of installations.
  • Courses for VIP protection.
  • Advanced security courses.
  • Additional courses according to specific requests.

Areas of Activity


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