Telephone/Cellular Interception Systems

plMipha offers the most advanced systems available worldwide to government agencies, military intelligence, police forces and security services for the supervision of all types of telecommunication networks.

We offer state-of-the-art cellular interceptors for all GSM and CDMA traffic. The units are mobile, housed in attaché cases and work with all frequency bands and any encryption type.

We also offer modular computerized technology to allow monitoring of all communications in the telephone network.
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Intelligence Inference Technology

intel1Nowadays, every intelligence agency or law enforcement investigation unit faces billions of data records from numerous information sources, both overt and covert.
This flood of information decreases the ability of evaluation and cross-checking all the bits of information gathered. The problem becomes severe when it comes to pinpointing "hostile information", which enters through the net with the purpose of disrupting the intelligence work.

We offer an intelligence inference technology which is fully capable of providing answers to these challenges.

This allows inferring intelligence gathered from various sources and databases to be analyzed and to conduct complex investigation. The system performs link analyzing, network analyzing, analyzing of mass quantities of data and allows cross checking with other databases.

Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance

intel SurveillanceWe offer a variety of products, all customized according to the client's requirements to allow covert tapping & photography, audio & video recording, covert transmitters & recorders, etc.
Among our high-end products for law enforcement surveillance & SWAT units, we offer the following:

  • Covert surveillance vehicles and other surveillance/ counter surveillance systems, designed according to customer's needs.
  • Surveillance Optical Microphone without metal or electronic components to avoid detection.
  • Mono or Stereo Fiber Optic Stethoscope which enables listening through concrete walls, doors and windows.
  • Voice analysis technology, truth verification and emotional identification of suspected passengers at airports, as a tool for interrogation, anti-fraud, credibility and criminal intent detection.
  • Covert Surveillance Vehicle.
  • Automated system for intent detection and more.
  • Security checks to detect wiretapping.
  • Comprehensive training courses in surveillance and counter-surveillance.

These high-quality products can be disguised as any item that fits the operational needs of the customer.

Advanced Technologies for Law Enforcement

intel Law EnforcementWe offer high-quality and advanced technologies for law enforcement organizations, such as:

  • Biometric systems (vein, face etc.) as a security tool, access control and suspect detection.
  • Advanced wireless control vehicles for bomb disposal and fire fighting.
  • Drug detection field kits.
  • Anti-riot vehicles.



Cellular Jammers

intel cellolar jamerIn certain cases, mobile phones can be used for and by criminal elements.
In any criminal act, hostage taking, terror act, etc., police aims at controlling contact between criminals and the outside world and prevent it when necessary.

A phone can also be used as a radio-transmitter during important meetings, transmitting sensitive information to unauthorized third parties.
In other cases, a cellular phone can be a distraction during meetings and an annoyance in public forums etc.

A cellular phone jammer can offer a viable solution to these problems:

  • Low-power units that can block the phones locally in conference rooms, prison cells, theaters, etc. alternately,
  • High-power units that can be used by the Police, SWAT teams etc., to block prisons, governmental and military facilities.

In addition, we offer a detector: a sensor which can detect a smuggled unit to an area where phone communication is prohibited. This system works with all bands and on all frequencies available worldwide.

Radio-Controlled Bomb Devices Jammer

We offer a jamming device that can be installed in VIP vehicles, near a podium etc., to jam any remote-controlled bomb device from being detonated.

The system transmits a relatively low power broad-band composite signal that covers frequencies between 20 Mhz up to 2.0 Ghz.


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