Mipha offers a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies in the field of telecom as well as the IP industry.

We also provide technologies for government use such as interception & monitoring, telecom security & encryption and intelligence analysis.

We offer various solutions for voice recognition for diverse applications. We give solutions for law enforcement systems to analyze and recognize suspected calls by voice recognition.

We allow users such as call centers to control and improve their service by analyzing the customer's call on-line.

For the governmental sector, we provide:

  • Surveillance systems, interception systems of all kinds for all telecommunications means, voice analysis, voice recognition to allow interception of calls by identifying the caller or certain words/phrases.
  • Telecom & data encryption – secured telephony communication of all kinds by encrypting all communication in the organization from point-to-point up to multi-point calls.
  • Digital signature, electronic authentication of documents, secured net correspondence to prevent fraud and forgery.
  • Storage security – nowadays, most of the damage caused to any organization comes from the inside of the organization. In order to avoid leakage or theft of data from the storage by unauthorized employees, we offer data storage encryption systems.
  • Recovery of lost or damaged magnetic data for forensic use.

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For the private sector, we provide:

  • Encryption of telecommunications within the organization to allow the securing of the organization's secrets and assets.
  • Encryption of data storage as mentioned above.
  • Voice analysis for call centers and organizations that provide phone services to customers. This may be of assistance in analyzing customers' satisfaction, level and efficiency of services given by the employees etc.
  • Recovery of lost or damaged data, recovery of the data-base.

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