Leading consulting company in the field of security & defense.


Mipha International Ltd. was founded 30 years ago by veterans of the Israeli Security Agencies.

Mipha International Ltd. specializes in consulting, planning, and marketing of technologies in the fields of Homeland Security, Intelligence, Defense and Telecom.

Mipha International Ltd. Has the experience, knowledge, and capabilities to consult its worldwide clients to deliver advanced system technologies.

Mipha International Ltd. has a registration license from the Israeli ministry of defense and acts according to the regulation law of the Israeli security export inspection.


Mipha International Ltd.  consults, represents and promotes advanced systems for Air Force, Navy, Army and Security Forces. Below are few of the defense systems exported by Mipha International Ltd. to several NATO countries:

  • Perimeter intrusion detection systems for international airports
  • Electronic Warfare Systems for Air Force aircrafts
  • Advanced Airborne Pod
  • Avionics for aircraft and helicopters
  • Simulators for Air Force
  • RCWS – Remote Control Weapon System
  • EJAB -Electronic Jammer Against Bombs
  • Night Vision systems
  • UAV – Unmanned Air Vehicle including Mega Drone – for civil applications

Intelligence & Cyber

Mipha International Ltd. offer customized variety products according to client’s requirements to allow Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance, covert tapping & photography audio & video recording, covert transmitters & recorders.

We handle as well:

  • Security checks to detect wiretapping
  • Cellular Jammers
  • Telephone/Cellular Interception Systems for supervision of all types of telecommunication networks
  • Radio-Controlled Bomb Devices Jammer which can be installed in VIP vehicles, podium or any other spot that should be protected, to jam any remote-controlled bomb device from being detonated
  • Counter Drone Detection

Homeland Security

Mipha’s experts offer three main areas of Security Consultation: Strategical level, Tactical level, and Operational level.

Mipha International Ltd. Has a vast experience in consulting, planning, and implementing of integrated Homeland Security systems for:

  • Airports & Seaports
  • Safe and Secure City
  • Pipelines
  • International Borders
  • Police
  • Governmental Security Agencies


Mr. Michael Itzhar Belachovsky

Founder & CEO

Michael Itzhar Belachovsky Veteran of the Prime Minister’s Office, served in the Diplomatic Corps in various countries, specializing in the field of intelligence and security.
He established the Chamber of Commerce Israel - Portugal and served as president for about 20 years.
In 2002 Mr. Itzhar was awarded by the President of the Portuguese Republic the title of “Officer of the Order of Commercial Merit” for his outstanding contribution to the development of economic and cultural ties between the two countries.
Member of the Board of Governors, University of Haifa.

Honorary consul of Portugal in Israel, Tel Aviv District.



Address: 8, Har Nevo St.
Ramat-Hasharon, 4722508

Tel: +972 3 5402392
Fax: +972 3 5490931

E-Mail: mipha@mipha.co.il